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"There is too" new "vision of the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard in the first quarter of this year, monitored institutions, providing medical services on a commercial basis. В поле зрения инспекции попала одна из клиник города Гродно. The name of the clinic many on hearing. sometimes it seems, that the paid service will be provided more efficiently and quickly, because we are for it ... Read More »


Рыбный обман Рыба всегда считалась незаменимым элементом рациона питания для человека. Most local stores offer a huge selection of fish food products from different manufacturers and from different countries. Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard of continuously carrying out control and analytical measures to prevent being in the Grodno region of poor quality fish products trading network. So, eg, while checking one of the shops of ... Read More »


Об СТБ 2564-2019 «Государственный герб Республики Беларусь» Постановлением Государственного комитета по стандартизации Республики Беларусь от 29.11.2019 № 68 утвержден государственный стандарт Республики Беларусь СТБ 2564-2019 "The State Emblem of the Republic of Belarus. General technical conditions ". Стандарт распространяется на Государственный герб Республики Беларусь (Государственный герб) и устанавливает общие технические требования к упаковке, marking, Acceptance rules and methods of control. Требования… Read More »


Just not helpful! Canned marrows, including caviar squash - available and familiar product, having excellent palatability. Many prefer to do it yourself, but more often buy it in stores. choice is great. Which brand you can trust? To answer this question, Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard during an unscheduled inspection of one of the retail chains in Grodno ... Read More »


Sweet treat, or not to see the danger! Dessert "Potatoes" - seemingly, what could be wrong with a dessert. It is convenient to have, it is inexpensive, in addition, at first sight, it seems useful and nutritious. But even a light "snack" can sometimes be dangerous! Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard during the audit at one of the shopping facilities g. Лиды … Read More »


Опасные электротовары Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта активно проводятся проверки на соответствие требованиям безопасности электротехнической продукции. In one of them g. Novogrudok found a lantern and light Chinese-made, that the results of tests, conducted in an accredited testing laboratory did not meet the safety requirements. So, in laboratory tests found, that the battery LED flashlight rechargeable ... Read More »


Опасные игрушки Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта в ходе проверки одного из индивидуальных предпринимателей г.Лида выявлены опасные детские игрушки китайского производства. In accredited laboratory were tested popular toys – "Military set" and "Space snot". As a result of laboratory tests of the toy "Military kit" did not meet the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 008/2011 "On the safety of toys" for ... Read More »


Не «те» лампы… Сегодня светодиодные лампы и светодиодные светильники являются наиболее востребованными источниками излучения на рынке осветительного оборудования. Compared to other LED lamps have many advantages, including the relatively small size, a longer service life, as well as a higher luminous efficiency. В настоящее время при выборе ламп покупатели ориентируются не только на световой… Read More »