By | 03.03.2020

Not "those" lamp ...

Today, LED lamps and LED luminaires are the most demanded light sources in the lighting market.. Compared to other LED lamps have many advantages, including the relatively small size, a longer service life, as well as a higher luminous efficiency. Currently, the choice of lamps buyers are oriented not only on the luminous flux of lamps, but also to measure the equivalent power consumption.

In conducting oversight activities of the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard in the trade network repeatedly identified LED lamps on the package indicated that false information in the part equivalent to the power consumption.

In particular, in trade facilities Grodno region were detected lamp LED brand "Jupiter" and "IEK" made in China, do not comply with the requirements of STB 2476-2016 "Non-directional lamps with light emitting household. energy efficiency. requirements ". In accordance with the requirements specified on the packaging of the lamp power is equivalent to a conventional incandescent lamp, which according to Table B.3
STB 2476-2016 corresponds to the light flux lamp.

In fact, in the LED lamp power 11 Watts and a light flux 960 Lm, It contains the equivalent power of a conventional incandescent lamp 90 Watt, and should be 70 Watt, on the lamp power 9 Watts and a light flux 720 Lm, It contains the equivalent power of a conventional incandescent lamp 75 Watt, and should be 55 Watt, that does not meet the requirements of the standard and, the choice of LED lamps, mislead consumers.

По результатам надзорных мероприятий Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта торговым объектам выданы предписания о запрете реализации ламп светодиодных.