By | 17.06.2020

In Grodno, spices with bacteria of the Escherichia coli group were revealed for sale

 Several centuries ago, spices and spices were worth its weight in gold. Few could afford to taste their refined taste and aroma.. but, today the situation has changed dramatically and no mistress can do without fragrant herbs.

In the cuisines of different countries of the world, a huge long-term gastronomic experience of using various spices and seasonings, which can not only add new flavor to the finished dish, but even radically change the palette of taste.

However, not only the expected taste shades can be added to the finished dish along with spices and seasonings, but also unacceptable E. coli bacteria, which were found in spices as a result of tests in an accredited testing laboratory during the surveillance activities of the Grodno regional inspection of Gosstandart of one of the retail facilities in. Grodno.

So, in seasoning universal "Provencal herbs" with marking "Spi Master Master", in black pepper with a hammer marking "Master Duck", manufacturer LLC "Santus" (Russian Federation) coliform bacteria were found (koliformы), which are not allowed. The specified food products are prohibited for sale by the audited entity. (to the seller) an order was issued on the organization of withdrawal from circulation.

Unfortunately, such indicators do not externally determine, therefore, when choosing spices, it will not be superfluous for buyers to apply not only to the seller for information, but also to the Register of hazardous products, forbidden to import and (or) circulation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, размещенному на сайте Госстандарта в разделе Реестры.