of citizens

To the attention of citizens and legal entities

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated October 15, 2007. No. 498 "On Additional Measures for Working with Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities", that treatment (offers, statement, complaints) citizens, including individual entrepreneurs, and legal entities irrespective of, to which state body or other organization they entered, initially subject to consideration on the merits in accordance with the competence:

  • in local executive and administrative bodies, their subordinate organizations, territorial subdivisions (bodies) and organizations, subordinate or affiliated (system) republican government bodies and state organizations, subordinate to the Government of the Republic of Belarus, other government agencies, other organizations, carrying out their activities and located within one administrative territorial unit, on whose territory any questions, set out in the appeals (further - local);
  • in other organizations, if questions, set out in the appeals, within the exclusive competence of these organizations.