By | 13.07.2020

Internet commerce under control

Online sellers are required to follow certain rules, as well as offline sellers.

Requirements for online trading are established by the Rules for the sale of goods in the implementation of retail trade by samples, approved by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus from 15 January 2009 year No. 31. Depending on whether, what product is sold it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union, technical regulations of the Republic of Belarus, as well as technical regulatory legal acts for products.

Goods from the Grodno Regional Inspection of the State Standard, offered in online stores for sale, are subject to the same checks, as goods in regular retail outlets.

During control and supervision activities, which can be carried out in the form of monitoring or inspections quality is assessed, safety and product labeling, the seller has documents confirming compliance with them.

So, when monitoring one of the online store, the owner of which is registered in Lida, specialists of the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of Gosstandart identified a proposal for implementation 25 product names, already banned for circulation and import into the Republic of Belarus, on the basis of, that these products have already been previously tested in accredited laboratories and found dangerous. According to the monitoring results, a business entity was banned from the sale of these goods, as well as recommendations for eliminating violations. The violation has now been eliminated, dangerous goods were removed from the website of the online store.

We urge all sellers to refer to the information resource "Dangerous Products" before placing goods on the market, posted on the official website of Gosstandart. There you can see, which products are included in the "Dangerous" register, and also trace, не прекращено ли действие сертификата соответствия или декларация о соответствии на реализуемую продукцию.