By | 10.11.2020

A holiday for everyone!

World Quality Day (World Quality Day) - annual event, held in many countries of the world on the second Thursday of November. The initiator of the establishment of this day is the European Organization for Quality (IS OK) (European Organization for Quality, AND WHAT) supported by the United Nations (UN).

The goal of World Quality Day is to achieve high quality products and services, as well as the revitalization of those activities, which aims to draw the attention of the general public to quality problems. After all, this is not only about the safety of goods for humans and the environment, but also about the degree of satisfaction of requests and expectations of consumers.

Впервые мировая общественность отметила этот день в 1989 year. А спустя шесть лет Европейская организация качества объявила неделю, which this second November Thursday falls into, European Quality Week (European Quality Week).

В нашей стране этот праздник отмечается ежегодно и в 2020 year it falls on 12 November, and the European Quality Week takes place with 9 by 15 November under the motto "Quality as a competitive advantage in the face of uncertainty".

Traditionally, business events are held as part of the celebration of the World Quality Day, which emphasize the importance of continuous improvement of the quality of products and services for the sustainable development of society and the state. These days, Gosstandart organizations in all regions of the country will hold about 80 events of various formats.

Business meetings and webinars with food organizations, easy, chemical industries and regional businesses on topical issues of the application of technical regulations of the Customs Union (YeAES), metrological activities, improvement of management systems, increasing the competence of personnel will be held in Minsk, Bobruisk, Grodno, Gomel, Vitebsk, Kalinkovich, Mogilev, Molodechno, Pinske, Polotsk, Slutsk, Orsha.

Business entities and individual entrepreneurs of the Grodno region will be able to get answers to exciting questions through direct telephone lines, to be held 12 November 2020 with 10.00 by 11.00 Grodno regional inspection Gosstandard (wire. – 80152 60 30 86) and in RUE "Lida Center for Standardization, metrology and certification "together with the department of state supervision over compliance with the requirements of technical regulations and standards and state metrological supervision in. Lida Grodno Regional Inspection of the State Standard (wire. – 8 0154 62 73 44).