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For information of business entities the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of Gosstandart informs, that, in accordance with paragraph 3 Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus 16 October 2009 , the number 510 "On the improvement of the control (oversight) Activities in the Republic of Belarus "control (oversight) activities are carried out with the use of preventive measures and preventive nature, ongoing regulatory (oversight) authorities in cooperation with stakeholders, subject to control ... Read More »


«Немного о пищевых красителях…….» Как не крути, we always choose the, that looks brighter and more interesting on the background of colorless or faded goods. Today, when held in high esteem all healthy and natural, we are back to food additives from vegetable origin, rejecting all artificial and synthetic. Why is synthetic dyes cause many questions? Let's deal. Тема влияния… Read More »


The action "Forest Week" 13 April 2019 года работники Гродненской областной инспекции Госстандарта в рамках республиканской добровольная акции «Неделя леса» приняли активное участие в высадке саженцев деревьев в лесном питомникеЗарубичиГосударственного лесохозяйственного учреждения «Гродненский лесхоз».


«О необходимости соблюдения законодательства об обеспечении единства измерений» С приходом весны у каждого автолюбителя появляется масса вопросов, associated with the need to "patch up" the faithful "horse car", since the purchase of new, by today's heavy, financially, times, means not all missing. so, the question is - where and how cheaply, но с гарантией и уверенностью… Read More »


Акция «Неделя леса» Акция «Неделя леса» С 13 by 20 April 2019 g. on the initiative of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus will be held Republican voluntary action "Forest Week". The event is timed to the Year of the small country and the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders. This year the promotion will take place in 12 time. Мероприятие пользуется интересом у населения: только… Read More »


Low-freezing windshield fluid - the buyer runs the risk of health! A pledge of good visibility, and therefore, safe trip - clean the glass machine. When the heat is on the street, their well water washes, but it freezes in winter. Therefore, the only way - to use special fluids. This is useful even in the summer - they are effectively removed from the glass is not only dirt, но и следы от мошкары… Read More »