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Cookies with cottage cheese. Where is the cottage cheese? Usually, when buying food products in retail outlets, most of us do not have time to read the information, small print, and we choose the products of famous brands, who saw in an advertisement or heard from acquaintances. Manufacturers take advantage of our lack of time and carelessness. The composition is written in an unreadable font, “overlooked”… Read More »


ГРАФИК ПРОВЕДЕНИЯ МОНИТОРИНГОВ СУБЪЕКТОВ ХОЗЯЙСТВОВАНИЯ НА ПРЕДУПРЕДИТЕЛЬНОЙ ОСНОВЕ ГРОДНЕНСКОЙ ОБЛАСТНОЙ ИНСПЕКЦИИ ГОССТАНДАРТА НА ОКТЯБРЬ 2020 YEAR Order number Business entity Monitoring period 1 Иностранное частное производственно-торговое унитарное предприятие “Elfita Grodno” Grodno, st. 1 May, d.7, pom. 44 01 – 30.10.2020 2 Production cooperative “Mostovskoe Rayselkhozenergo” Mostovsky district, Mostovsky s / s, ag. Bridges Right, ул.… Read More »


Shelf life !!! By definition, the shelf life of a product is a certain period of time, after which the product becomes unusable for its intended purpose. Absolutely all food products must have an expiration date. Expiry dates can be found on the product packaging or (in the case of packaging or production at the place of sale) on the sticker price tag. Unfortunately,… Read More »


On the recommendation of the World Health Organization annually 10 сентября принято считать Всемирным Днем предотвращения самоубийств. This day is intended to attract the attention of both government officials, medical professionals, organizations and institutions of various departmental affiliation, public and religious organizations, and individual citizens to the problem of suicidal behavior. The global goal of World Suicide Prevention Day is to reduce the suicidal activity of the population (уменьшение… Read More »