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For information of business entities the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of Gosstandart informs, that, in accordance with paragraph 3 Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus 16 October 2009 , the number 510 "On the improvement of the control (oversight) Activities in the Republic of Belarus "control (oversight) activities are carried out as well with the use of preventive measures and preventive nature, ongoing regulatory (oversight) authorities in cooperation with stakeholders,… Read More »


Protection did not work Personal protective equipment is therefore called, what are meant to protect our health. So, gloves for personal protection of hands, Mi protection degree, Mp, must protect our hands from general mechanical stress: as from abrasion – marking Mi, and from cuts and punctures – Mp marking. Grodno Regional Inspection of the State Standard in ... Read More »


Direct dial telephone 12.10.2020 в Гродненской областной инспекции Госстандарта будет проведена «прямая телефонная линия» с участием начальника отдела государственного надзора за соблюдением требований технических регламентов и стандартов Валентукевич Галины Ивановны и начальника отдела государственного контроля за выполнением требований законодательства об оценке соответствия Ходкевича Сергея Александровича. On the specified day from 9-00 to 12-00 by phone 8… Read More »


Roast from "Prypravych" Roast – this is fried food, usually meat, everyone's favorite dish. It's only a pity, that sometimes its preparation can be spoiled by seasonings and even harm health! The Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard, when checking one of the shops in the Ostrovets district, found, that there was food in the trade - seasoning for roast (15 g), country of origin Russia, which ... Read More »