By | 31.07.2019

"One woman said ...."

In today's world every person on the phone there is at least one application (messenger), and often several, allowing you to quickly exchange information. You can often get information from unfamiliar, if not strangers. One type of such information are messages like "Mommy, Be carefull!…», "Attention! Urgent information ... "and communicates product information, eg, food, well-known brands: «Rastishka», napitok "Tarhuna», «Danone», "Kinder Surprise", etc., which is in the realization of nearly every shopping facility. And usually a message reinforced by the phrase "A pediatrician told ...", "And I told one friend ...".

Of course, the market is filled with a plethora of different goods, and to understand and buy the best and safe - not an easy task. Right here, Unfortunately, and comes to the aid of the messenger, "one woman said ...".

In this case we recommend that you use a reliable source, go to the site State Committee for Standardization, where the product registry is maintained, It is forbidden to import and circulation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, get acquainted with the activities of the committee, view information on topics of interest or to ask troubling question. The register can be accessed not only with various kinds of prohibited products: food, electrical (light bulbs, charging device, recessed lighting), products for children and adolescents (footwear, clothes, printed products), toys and others., but also know metrics, on which it is forbidden.

So, Only the results of control and supervisory activities of the Grodno Regional Inspectorate Gosstandard recently under the import ban came following products (available without articulation): LED «IN HOME» Panel, Drill «P.I.T», cellphone «MAXWI», household electric grinder «Polaris», Laghman seasoning and spice coriander powder brand «SPISE EXPERT», marmalade «OCTOPUS», canned natural "green peas" sterilized "Green Pearl", toy ball clay "Rocket", toy "Lizun №1» (MASTER IQ2), book production "Funny stories in pictures" and "My first book. More than a thousand new words ". And it's not the whole list of such products. However, it is not necessary to memorize the entire registry of prohibited products by heart, as in the case of detection in the implementation of trade facilities such products this leads to administrative responsibility (fine) responsible persons.

In this way, everyone makes their choice: or live on the principle of service, "one woman said ...", or trying to use reliable sources of information, that really prompt, how to avoid buying the banned products and explain, what should specifically pay attention to before purchasing.