By | 25.08.2020

Look at both ...!

Summer is not only a time to relax, but also the preparation time for the winter heating season. During this period, preventive and preparatory work begins to eliminate malfunctions of heating systems.. When preparing heating units, it is necessary not only to check the operability of the main and auxiliary equipment, and, to obtain accurate and reliable measurement results, it is imperative to verify the used measuring instruments.

Currently, many laboratories of business entities are registered and accredited in the Grodno region, providing services for the calibration of manometers, thermometers and other measuring instruments, used including in heating units. At the same time, in the course of metrological supervision, the Grodno regional inspection of the State Standard established, most of these laboratories have permission to verify measuring instruments used only outside the field of legal metrology. Hence, measuring instruments, verified in such laboratories, apply in the field of legal metrology (trade and settlement between buyer and seller, ensuring industrial safety of hazardous production facilities and other areas) not allowed, since the verification mark on such measuring instruments in this area is considered invalid.

At the same time, business entities are responsible for the use of measuring instruments in the field of legal metrology that have not been verified in the prescribed manner., who use these measuring instruments. Therefore, the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of Gosstandart pays attention and recommends, that before concluding an agreement on the verification of measuring instruments, check with the business entity, whether he has the right to carry out verification of measuring instruments, which are applied in the field of legal metrology.