By | 25.07.2019

In Ostrowiec revealed dangerous children's shoes

Department of state supervision Lida Grodno Region Inspectorate Gosstandard during inspection and laboratory tests revealed dangerous children's shoes (loafers and sandals) Chinese manufacturing, which was sold in one of the shopping facilities g.Ostrovtsa.

Lining tested in an accredited laboratory moccasins with markings "Gingerbread Man" and "GFB", and sandals with markings "M.Michi" and "Mifer", which are designed for toddlers, It turned out to be an artificial skin, although labeling reads - "Textiles".

In accordance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of products, for children and adolescents "lining closed shoes for children of all ages and lining open shoes for toddlers and small children shoes should be made of imitation leather not under any circumstances. But as the material of the top in the summer and spring and autumn shoes for toddlers is acceptable to use artificial and (or) synthetics, if the shoe lining is made of natural materials.

In an effort to reduce the cost of production is not bona fide manufacturers are using are not the good stuff, products to become available to a wide range of consumers. but, should not be considered, that quality footwear definitely worth a fortune. Many domestic enterprises also produce good shoes at a reasonable price. You must remember one simple rule: quality footwear - is, Firstly, strong and durable material. "Breathes" genuine leather shoes, It is hygienic and flexible, thus stretched legs form. She synthetics and synthetics have. The illusion of choice. And harmful to the foot. This material does not pass any air, no moisture.

Material - is not the only, what you should look for when choosing shoes, but one of the most important parameters.

shopping facilities, which was implemented in these products, issued bans on its implementation, importer of the product notified, Shoes that proved to be dangerous, as well as about, that it should be removed from the shopping facilities, in which he managed to put it.