By | 22.08.2019

School Fair

August - the time of the school fairs. Grodno School Fair is located in the territory of, adjacent to the shopping center “OLD SITY” Dubko on street, 17, where you can buy all the necessary goods school assortment – garments, paper and paper products and stationery, etc..

Grodnensk regional inspection Gosstandard held monitoring of business entities, carrying out trade at the school fair.

Even the sale of goods for children at the school fair found violations of requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union:

отсутствовали документы о подтверждении соответствия;

– labeling did not exist or no information on the labeling of the country of the manufacturer's name, model or SKU, the amount, date of manufacture, top material and lining of clothes and shoes, single circulation mark in the market;

высота каблука в детской обуви больше установленной нормы;

– common footwear for children under the age of 3 years with an open heel part.

Parents gather in the school children of different, but they all want to buy goods for their high-quality and safe.

Поэтому уважаемые родители, when buying goods for children at the school fair pay attention to the labeling of products, just ask the seller about the document, confirms compliance (a certificate of conformity or a declaration of conformity) on the purchased goods.