By | 13.11.2019

When tea becomes harmful

The benefits of tea Much has been written, but very few mentions, that tea may be more than harmful, but dangerous drink, if it brew tea leaf from a spoiled, moldy.

Mold can appear on the tea leaves as a result of improper storage, at high humidity and relatively high temperature. waste products of molds and their spores can be stored on the tea leaves for a long time, and even boiling water is not able to completely neutralize them in tea brewing time.

Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard during the audit in the commercial facility g. Гродно выявлен чай черный байховый индийский «Принцесса Гита» в пакетиках для разовой заварки российского производства.

По результатам испытаний в аккредитованной лаборатории было установлено несоответствие чая требованиям технического регламента Таможенного союза «О безопасности пищевой продукции» (TR TS 021/2011) microbiological indicators "mold". And, показатель превысил допустимый уровень в 2,6 fold!

Use of products with mold poses a threat of harm to human health.

The audit issued an order prohibiting the implementation of Tea Party Black Lapsany Indian "Princess Gita", injunction prohibiting the importation and (or) обращения на территории Республики Беларусь. Products entered in the register of dangerous products, forbidden to import and (or) обращению на территории Республики Беларусь. Реестр размещен на сайте Госстандарта в свободном доступе.

Besides, informed interested regulatory authorities of the Republic of Belarus for the quick response and action to curb the dangerous products being in circulation.