By | 12.09.2019

Security printing products for children and adolescents

Every day, parents buy books for their children, who are just learning or are able to read. bright, colorful, beautiful books and magazines - such past is simply impossible to pass. But how to be sure, These purchases are safe for your child?

Mandatory safety requirements for printed products established by technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of products, for children and adolescents "TR CU 007/2011. for example, requirements for paper and design pages fields, to typography text publishing products, depending on the age groups of children and adolescents. Compliance not only ensures the readability of publications, but also aims to reduce eye fatigue, as well as the prevention of violations of the organs of vision and support- musculoskeletal system in children and adolescents. Besides, Publications must not give off noxious substances, such as phenol, formaldehyde, lead, zinc, arsenic, Chrome - in the amount exceeding the norm.

A number of security requirements the user can determine visually, picking up a printed edition, namely:

– for the production of publishing products shall not be used newsprint, besides publishing products, not intended for re-use (exam fees, cards with tasks, test items, crossword puzzles and other);

– not allowed to print text with fuzzy characters strokes;

– in literary and artistic publications, developing training, for additional education and popular science is not recommended to use colored paint and a white font on a black for text, gray or colored background (vyvorotki font).

Before the release into circulation in the market of printed products must be subjected to a mandatory assessment procedure by the manufacturer meet the requirements of this technical regulation in the form of declaration. products, successfully passed the procedure, labeled single sign of products on the market states – members of the Customs Union (EAS).

therefore, when you buy a book for a child, Ask the seller a declaration of conformity.

AT 2019 the specialists of the State Standard in conducting surveillance activities in the trade network was detected Publications for children, does not meet the requirements of TR CU 007/2011 safety. Since the elements of drawing in the coloring for preschool children, margin on the open book, пробел между словами в тексте не соответствовали минимально допустимому уровню. Not relevant products have been banned for sale and entered into the register of dangerous products, forbidden to import and (or) circulation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, located on the site State Committee for Standardization.