By | 09.09.2019

Your security is in your hands

With the advent of autumn, every motorist is faced with the need to replace the wheels on his "workhorse" – in fact ahead of winter, first snow, black ice ... And we all understand, that in order, not to become a direct participant "tinman's Day", necessary to Tire and Tire Repair work, which include the removal and installation of tires, current repair of wheel rims and wheel balancing assembly, as well as repair cells. tire repair, usually, It is performed on special equipment.

To date, we can not say, что подобных пунктов оказания шиномонтажных услуг у нас недостаточно. Но чем ближе к ожидаемым морозам вы решите воспользоваться данной услугой, the more time you lose in queues. Therefore, to make a better job in a timely manner, until Tire services more accessible.

All business entities, providing tire services, usually, provided with the same type of equipment and measuring means, the question is, when these measuring instruments were calibrated. After all, the measurement accuracy in the performance of these works, It plays an important role in terms of ensuring safety.

So during this period 2019 , the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard monitored and 27 economic entities, performing tire changers work in Grodno region, while violations were established in 26 subjects, that was 95 %.  State metrological supervision subjected 139 meals. measuring instruments, used in the field of legal metrology in providing tire services, of them 132 meals. measuring instruments used in the unsuccessful verification of the established order, that was 95 % the total number of measuring obrevizovannyh. Application in the field of legal metrology unverified measuring instruments is a violation of the requirements of Article 13 Law of the Republic of Belarus "On ensuring the unity of measurements.

For this offense provides for administrative responsibility.

Also the fact of providing tire services in the conditions have been established, when economic agents were not provided with the necessary means of measurements, that do not allow for control of work performed.

According to the monitoring results issued 17 recommendations to eliminate the revealed discrepancies (violations) and defines the terms of providing information to address these violations.

In a relationship 6 individual entrepreneurs and 3 legal entities, Tire carried out the work, compiled 9 Protocols on administrative offense under Part 2 of Art. 23.13 Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus for re-identified violations, established during the previous monitoring.

Grodno Regional Inspectorate once again reminds, that with the abolition in Belarus 01.01.2016 compulsory certification services for maintenance and repair of vehicles, compulsion of carrying out calibration of measuring instruments used are not canceled.