By | 03.08.2020

To school in heels !?

Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта в торговых объектах Гродненской области обнаружена находящаяся в реализации опасная продукция -туфли для школьниц «Чиполлино», артикулы АС-222 и АС-240, produced by Yadongshoesco., LTD», China,not meeting the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 007/2011 “On product safety, designed for children and adolescents "in terms of safety - the lining is made of artificial or synthetic leather, what is not allowed for closed shoes of all age and gender groups; heel height was 34 mm, at norm no more 25 mm.

Предписанием Государственного комитета по стандартизации отменено действие сертификата соответствия Таможенного союза на вышеупомянутые туфли.

Everyone understands, that synthetic materials cannot be useful to anyone, and shoes from them are not recommended for anyone, and even more so for children!

If mothers decide to give their daughters beautiful high heel shoes, important, so that such shoes do not harm the health of the child's body, did not lead to serious problems, which are difficult to eliminate. The norms of technical regulations set a safe heel height in shoes for every age. This information should be guided when choosing beautiful shoes for girls for school..

Dear heads of trade organizations, при обнаружении в Вашей торговой сети туфель для школьниц «Чиполлино», артикулы АС-222 и АС-240, produced by Yadongshoesco., LTD», China, Please take urgent measures to remove the above items from circulation.

Dear customers! If you purchased this product, we recommend returning it to the seller in order to avoid negative consequences of its use.