By | 03.06.2020

 My home and security in it!!!

A person with the word "home" has different associations – heat, comfort, trouble defense, light ...

Today, the market has a wide range of fixtures: stationary, wall mounted, tabletop, ceiling and other, as well as related products, necessary to ensure the functioning of the electrical circuit.

Buying a lighting fixture, I want to, so that the purchase matches the aesthetic requirements, it was safe, that is, it met all the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union, standards of the Republic of Belarus.

So, in the second quarter of this year when conducting an audit of one of the retail facilities in. Ostrovets of the Grodno region, the inspection revealed electrical products of Chinese manufacture, не соответствующую требованиям Технических регламентов Таможенного союза: (TR TS 004/2011) “On the safety of low-voltage equipment” and (TR TS 020/2011) "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means".

AMBRELLA LIGHT recessed luminaires did not meet the requirements of the article 4 TR TS 020/2011 generated by electromagnetic interference, since as a result of the test, conducted in an accredited laboratory established, that the quasi-peak and average values ​​of the interference voltage at the network terminals, exceed permissible norms, and when tested for resistance to high-energy microsecond pulse interference at the input and output AC power ports, one sample failed.

Switch and switch торговой марки Intro модели Polo и вилка разборная угловая с кольцом белая IEK – did not meet the requirements of the article 4 TR TS 004/2011 in terms of safety "heat resistance". After testing in a heat chamber at a temperature (100±2) ºС further operation of the circuit breaker and switch is difficult, and the diameter of the print of the ball on the body of the holder when tested at temperature (125±2)ºС for the switch made 4,34 mm, for switch – 4,32mm, for the fork was 4.22mm, at norm no more 2 mm. The identified indicators do not provide the necessary level of protection against dangers of non-electrical origin, arising from the use of low-voltage equipment, including those caused by physical, chemical or biological factors.

According to the results of the inspection by the Grodno Oblast Inspectorate of Gosstandart, the audited business entity was banned from selling these products, а импортеру указанной продукции направлено предписание об её изъятии из обращения. Также, the Inspectorate sent proposals to the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus on issuing orders to ban the import and (or) circulation of hazardous products with the expiration of certificates of conformity on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.