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ГРАФИК ПРОВЕДЕНИЯ МОНИТОРИНГОВ СУБЪЕКТОВ ХОЗЯЙСТВОВАНИЯ НА ПРЕДУПРЕДИТЕЛЬНОЙ ОСНОВЕ ГРОДНЕНСКОЙ ОБЛАСТНОЙ ИНСПЕКЦИИ ГОССТАНДАРТА НА ФЕВРАЛЬ 2021 YEAR Order number Business entity Monitoring period 1. LLC "Nemanelektrostroy". Grodno, st. Slavinsky, d.5, to. 12 01 – 26.02.2021 2. LLC "Trading Maximum". Grodno, st. Automotive, d.9, of. 35b 01 – 26.02.2021 3. Private enterprise… Read More »


Very "light" snack Nougat - confectionery, which belongs to oriental sweets. The word "nougat" comes from the Latin "nux", what does a nut mean in translation. Sweets and nuts, included in the nougat,  have a beneficial effect on brain activity and can be an excellent snack in case, if you need to quickly replenish your energy supply or “just want something tasty”. With considering… Read More »


Clothes made of "non-breathable" materials In the pursuit of savings, we often forget about our own safety. Many materials, which are used for sewing clothes and shoes, actually pose a serious health threat. To reduce the cost, unscrupulous manufacturers use low quality fabrics in the production of clothing. The severity of the effects ranges from ordinary discomfort or irritation to severe allergies. Mandatory ... Read More »