By | 26.01.2021

Very light snack

Nougat - confectionery, which belongs to oriental sweets. The word "nougat" comes from the Latin "nux", what does a nut mean in translation. Sweets and nuts, included in the nougat,  have a beneficial effect on brain activity and can be an excellent snack in case, Very light snack, but also easy, but also easy

Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard during the audit at one of the shopping facilities g. Svisloch selected bars "NUGA" glazed with nougat in polymer packaging, made in the Republic of Moldova, the mass of which significantly differed from those indicated on the package 28 g.

According to the test results of an accredited laboratory, it turned out, what is the weight of each bar, from a selected batch, did not correspond to that specified in the product labeling. The average batch content did not exceed 85 % from the declared. Also, there was an underweight bar in the batch 6 g, which amounted to more 20%.

According to the results of the inspection by the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard, an order was issued to prohibit the sale of this "light" dessert, and also started the administrative process in relation to the responsible persons.

Dear customers, but also easy, You can always check its weight on a checkweigher, which should be in every shopping facility.