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For information of business entities the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of Gosstandart informs, that, in accordance with paragraph 3 Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus 16 October 2009 , the number 510 "On the improvement of the control (oversight) Activities in the Republic of Belarus "control (oversight) activities are carried out with the use of preventive measures and preventive nature, ongoing regulatory (oversight) authorities in cooperation with stakeholders, subject to ... Read More »


  Опасное мороженое и сырки Отделом госнадзора г.Лида Гродненской областной инспекции Госстандарта в 1 half of 2019 at Lida and Novogrudok it was revealed dangerous food products of Russian production, this time – glazed curd bars with a substitute for milk fat and ice cream popsicle with a milk fat substitute "Monte Carlo". Испытания проводились в аккредитованной лаборатории, где и… Read More »


Детская мебель Маленькие дети нуждаются в продолжительном сне. And it ensures, of course, this “sleeping place”, where they feel good and comfortable. Cot for a small child must meet many requirements and perform various functions: comfortably wrap up the baby in it must be sweet to sleep; hence he must have a good overview, not to miss anything interesting, видеть… Read More »


Toxic "Rocket"!!! Department of state supervision Lida Grodno Regional Inspectorate in the realization of the State Standard of dangerous children's toys found in the trade network g.Smorgon Grodno region. Advertising toys – mucus hand says - "Toy is made of safe and soft-touch silicone. Mucus can crush any, even the most unimaginable shape. Она имеет забавный вид и красивый яркий цвет.… Read More »


II European Games 2019 в Минске II Европейские игры пройдут с 21 by 30 June 2019 года в столице Беларуси – Минске. В крупнейшем спортивном форуме континента примут участие более 4000 спортсменов из 50 стран, которые разыграют 200 комплектов наград в 15 видах спорта (23 дисциплинах), а также лицензии на Олимпиаду-2020 в Токио.


"Fedot, да не тот…» Сегодня, business entities, carries on business in the area of ​​trade and settlement between buyer and seller, often use scales to determine the weight of the goods, calculate its value based on the entered by the operator in advance the unit price. Employed in the Republic of Belarus in the field of legal metrology measuring instruments (including scales), должны быть внесены… Read More »