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What you need to know when the customer phones repairs on the territory of the Republic of Belarus demands on the performance of work and rendering of services in repairing terminal subscriber devices * (OAU) regulate STB 1303-2007 "Telecommunication Services. Repair terminal subscriber devices. General technical conditions ", Rules for execution of works and provision of services to repair terminal subscriber devices, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers on 28.03.2007 № 393.… Read More »


Car speedometer – means for measuring hard to imagine today without a car. Their number and variety of the brand more and more flood the road, streets, courtyards of our settlements. Without them, it is now impossible to imagine the reality of the national economy, comfort and freedom of movement of natural persons. In place of the internal combustion engine, consuming gasoline and diesel fuel, comes to motor, the main component of which ... Read More »


Attention of consumers when buying goods through the "presentations". The recent increase in complaints of citizens in the supervisory bodies, including the Grodno Regional Inspectorate Gosstandard, to help to terminate the contract of sale on expensive goods, that they "imposed" during the presentation of "super cleaner", "Miracle laundry" or other "magic product", and return it to the seller. Однако сделать… Read More »