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Packing It has long become customary for the Buyer to purchase pre-packaged goods, as it is convenient, hygienic and beautiful! For packaged goods in packages of any kind, it is primarily characteristic of, that they are packaged and sealed in the absence of the buyer and their contents cannot be changed without opening the package. However, a not too conscientious manufacturer gets a great opportunity “save” product… Read More »


SCHEDULE OF MONITORING OF BUSINESS ENTITIES ON A PREVENTIVE BASIS OF THE GRODNO REGIONAL INSPECTION OF GOSSTANDARD FOR APRIL 2021 YEAR Order number Business entity Monitoring period 1. Voronovo production cooperative for energy and electrification of the agro-industrial complex “Selhozenergo”г.п.. Вороново, st. Eastern, 20, 01 – 30.04.2021 2. Public corporation “Voronovskaya agricultural machinery”Voronovsky district, Peregansevsky s / s, d. Boyars 01... Read More »


How not to make a mistake when choosing a high chair for a child After the child is six months old, parents are aware of the need to buy a child's chair. It should be as safe as possible for children.. What parents need to pay attention to when buying a children's chair? Currently on the territory of the Customs Union, the technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU are in effect 025/2012 “On the safety of furniture ... Read More »


24 March, the Inspectorate of Gosstandart held a Single Day of Health - "World Tuberculosis Day" World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated by the decision of the World Health Organization (VOZ) annually 24 Martha – in a day, when in 1882 year German microbiologist Robert Koch announced his discovery of the causative agent of tuberculosis. AT 1993 year by the World Health Organization tuberculosis ... Read More »


15 Consumer Day is celebrated in Belarus in March, which this year is held under the motto: "Combating pollution with plastic materials" Until recently, the Belarusian public catering needed a truly huge number of disposable plastic products - 200 million pieces per year. First of all, it was about cups, caps for them and spoons. At the same time, the volume of imports of disposable products ... Read More »