By | 29.03.2021


The buyer has long become accustomed to buying pre-packaged goods, as it is convenient, hygienic and beautiful!

For packaged goods in packages of any kind, it is primarily characteristic of, that they are packaged and sealed in the absence of the buyer and their contents cannot be changed without opening the package. However, a not too conscientious manufacturer gets a great opportunity “save” product by under-investment.

Unfortunately, such manufacturers are not so rare.

Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта при проведении надзорных мероприятий в торговых объектах г. Гродно неоднократно были установлены недовложения в упаковках фасованных вафель с маркировкой «Яшкино», manufactured by LLC "KDV Voronezh", Russian Federation.

As a result of tests carried out in an accredited laboratory,, that in polymer packaging wafers "With boiled condensed milk", mass 200 g, from a selected batch, did not correspond to that indicated in the marking 42 % packing units, and the packages with "Nut" wafers did not correspond in weight to 20 % cases, underweight was up to 21 gram.

The specified products, in accordance with the instructions of the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard on the prohibition of sales, were removed from the shelves of checked stores.

Of course, weight of goods cannot be determined externally, but there are checkweighers in retail outlets, which the buyer can use to control the weight of the goods.