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Canned food with a surprise!!!! Cod - one of the most important commercial fish species. Her liver is the source of fish oil and raw material for the canning industry. It is rich in beneficial omega-3 fats. Considering, that most people do not consume adequate amounts of vitamins, fever, rich in vitamin D and omega-3, - a great way to replenish the stock of nutrients in the body. Cod liver - a real fount ... Read More »


I speak little, cook delicious, head does not hurt Sounds like the perfect woman, Is not justice? But it turned out - this is not an ideal cap for a bath with a print "I speak a little, cook delicious, no headache", producing country Russia. При проведении Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта проверки в торговой сети г.Лида именно эта шапка была взята на испытания по соответствию… Read More »


On the results of the state metrological supervision of Grodno Regional Inspectorate in the State Committee for Standardization 2019 году Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта в 2019 goduprovedeno 1008 supervisory measures (KNM): 61 inspection (60 - selected, 1 – unscheduled), 947 mi monitoring entities on compliance of the Republic of Belarus legislation requirements of ensuring uniformity of measurements, infringements are established at 938-mi (93,1 %) entities, из… Read More »