By | 21.01.2020

I speak little, cook delicious, no headache

It looks like a perfect woman, Is not justice? But it turned out - this is not an ideal cap for a bath with a print "I speak a little, cook delicious, no headache", producing country Russia. During the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard of inspection in the trade network Lida is this hat was taken to test for compliance with the composition of raw materials, declared on the labeling. The manufacturer said, what is the material of the top of the hat -50% wool, 50% PEF, and when tested in an accredited laboratory proved, that in the material of the cap only 14,7 % wool, but all the balance being polyester fibers. And here the question arises: but would not it be a headache after visiting the baths in the synthetic cap?

The audit's hats for sauna with a print "I speak a little, cook delicious, head does not hurt, "withdrawn from circulation, Gosstandart terminated the declaration of conformity on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.