By | 23.01.2020

Canned food with a surprise!!!!

Cod - one of the most important commercial fish species. Her liver is the source of fish oil and raw material for the canning industry. It is rich in beneficial omega-3 fats.

Considering, that most people do not consume adequate amounts of vitamins, fever, rich in vitamin D and omega-3, - a great way to replenish the stock of nutrients in the body. Cod liver - a real storehouse of vitamins, as well as useful micro- and macro. And few people think about, that the fish can be dangerous to human health, especially its liver.

During the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard of inspection in one of the shopping obektoy g. Navagrudak selected canned fish liver cod samples were sent to an accredited laboratory test. According to the results of laboratory tests, It found that cod liver oil did not meet the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 040/2016 "On the safety of fish and fish products" (sub-paragraph b 16 Section V TP TS 040/2016), GUEST 13272-2009 "Canned fish liver. Specifications » (points 4.2.5) for sensory indicator - the presence of impurities (the remains were discovered by cleaning fish, blood, non-viable larvae of worms).

It does not sound very appetizing and also does not match the name, declared in the labeling of "natural".

Just during another calibration in one of the shops were selected g.Novogrudka canned cod liver oil in the line of the net mass. According to test results were found violations by weight of the basic product without liquid. The label product, the mass of the basic product without the liquid part of "not less than 105 g ". In fact, the average weight of the basic product without the liquid was 79,73 g. When the minimum value allowed by – 92,14 g.

According to the results of checks issued orders prohibiting the realization of canned fish liver of cod, issued an order for the termination of the Republic of Belarus Declaration of Conformity. Products included in the hosted at the State Standard Register of dangerous products, forbidden to import and (or) circulation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Besides, inform interested bodies supervising the Republic of Belarus, for rapid response and action to curb the dangerous products being in circulation.