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On the results of the state metrological supervision

Grodno Regional Inspectorate in the State Committee for Standardization 2019 year

Grodno Regional Inspectorate in the State Committee for Standardization 2019 goduprovedeno 1008 supervisory measures (KNM): 61 inspection (60 - selected, 1 – unscheduled), 947 mi monitoring entities on compliance of the Republic of Belarus legislation requirements of ensuring uniformity of measurements, infringements are established at 938-mi (93,1 %) entities, of them: 59/1 testing (59 - selected, 1 - unscheduled), 878 – controls. Государственный метрологический надзор (GMN) It was conducted in the following areas:

  • the implementation of trade and payments between buyer and seller (60,0 % of the total amount spent KHM): including on markets, in catering facilities in the procurement of agricultural and wild products:
  • при проведении государственного технического осмотра транспортных средств, диагностике технического состояния транспортных средств – 11,0 %;
  • при коммерческом учете воды питьевой и технической, electricity and heat, газа – 15,0 %;
  • during product testing and monitoring the compliance of products and raw material requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus - 11,0 %;
  • in other directions - 28,0 %.

State metrological supervision subjected 16151 meals. measuring instruments, of them do not pass verification in accordance with established procedure used 3503 meals. measuring instruments, what is 21,7 % of the total number obrevizovannyh SI.

According to the results compiled GMN 152 administrative reports, granted 56 orders to eliminate violations, 779 recommendations to eliminate violations (inconsistencies) Legislation of the Republic of Belarus on ensuring the uniformity of measurements and defined terms for provision of information to eliminate violations.

In the course of GMN were established typical violations:

  • used in legal metrology measuring means, not included in the State Register of the Republic of Belarus of measuring instruments;
  • insecurity necessary measuring means during testing, Trading Activity, provision of services for repair and maintenance of vehicles;
  • Calibration interval violation;
  • application of measurement procedures, not passed Metrological confirmation.

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