If you are still boiling, then keep boiling...

By | 28.04.2022

Grodno Regional Inspectorate of Gosstandart conducted an inspection of one of the major retail chains. To check on the indicators "detergency" and "foaming ability" it was sent to an accredited laboratory detergent synthetic powder Tide Automatic Bright Colors, manufacturer LLC "PROCTER AND GAMBL-NOVOMOSKOVSK" (Russia), in polymer packaging 5.4 kg, designed for use in washing machines of any type. According to the test results, it turned out, that the indicator "washing power" was 56,0% at a rate of at least 85 %; index "foaming ability" amounted to 212 mm at the norm no more 180 mm, which confuses the consumer, regarding her appointment, quality and safety and does not eliminate the risk of safe use of detergent in front-loading washing machines.

Verified Subject, who has this disorder, informed about the non-compliance of products with the declared indicators and is currently detergent synthetic powder Tide Automatic Bright Colors missing from his trading network.