By | 30.06.2020

the Internet – convenience store, but unsafe ...

Today, the Internet has become very popular. – the shops. Many people prefer to shop in them., especially those, who is familiar with the Internet for more than one day. What does the internet do – stores are profitable and increasingly popular? Everything is very obvious and simple. – time saving, low prices, availability, large selection of assortment, delivery to any region of the Republic of Belarus.

Internet access – industry is inevitable, technical progress, constant lack of time makes consumers use convenient tools. But along with the ease and accessibility of online stores, there is a risk of acquiring low-quality / dangerous products. The consumer can not always independently understand the nuances. So, the buyer makes his choice, focusing on bright pictures (Photo) and for information, specified internet – the store. Therefore, all responsibility for the completeness and reliability of information on products sold lies entirely with the owners of the Internet – shops (product name in accordance with documents on confirmation of conformity, composition of products, manufacturer name, specifications and more). To protect our customers and ensure that, that the Internet industry offers safe and high-quality products Gosstandart authorities regularly conduct monitoring and oversight activities. Internet activities – stores are controlled throughout the Republic of Belarus.

Grodno regional inspection of Gosstandart only for June 2020 years in the course of the control and monitoring activities of the Internet – shops, whose business entities are located in. Minsk, g. Mogilev and Grodno region, revealed more 70 dangerous goods, It is forbidden to import and circulation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Based on the results of the measures taken, the inspection issued 9 bans on product sales, not meeting the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union, Eurasian Economic Union.

Ассортимент выявленной продукции разнообразный – Galaxy hair dryer GL4305 (China production), electric kettle ELX-KH01-C01 of the ERGOLUX trademark (China production), electric toaster trademark NORMANN AST-033 (China production), Lumme brand sandwich maker, model LU-1253 (China production), rechargeable LED flashlight of the Trophy trademark (China production), машина шлифовальная угловая торговой марки «BORT» (China production) etc.

The Grodno regional inspection of the State Standard recommends as consumers, and to trade organizations and importers, when purchasing and selling goods, be guided by information from the “Dangerous Products” registry, which is located on the website of Gosstandart gosstandart.gov.by.