By | 28.02.2020


25 February 2020 year in Grodno Regional Inspectorate with the participation of the State Standard of the deputy chief of the Hrodna city department of Emergency Situations of the ideological work and staffing Petrovsky DV. in the framework of the Common Security Day event was held on the topic "Prevention of and prevention of emergency situations, learning behavior in emergency situations ". During this seminar the inspection team were informed about the main trends in the field of life safety and emergency situations in g. Grodno and Grodno region. The representative of rescue services responded to the questions of inspection staff.

Also, a similar event for the prevention of emergency situations, offenses and crimes, timed to coincide with the Single Day of Security with the participation of the engineer of the Lida regional department for emergency situations Gael A.A.. it was conducted 28 February 2020 years in the department of state supervision on observance of requirements of technical regulations and standards and the state metrological supervision g. Lida.

In the course of these events, training was carried out for inspectorate workers in methods of working with fire automation systems., the use of fire protection and fire extinguishing equipment, as well as the elaboration of the action in the event of a possible emergency situation and performance of a complex of measures to protect workers, falling into the zone of possible dangerous contamination.