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«Тахограф – оберег водителей» Первые упоминания о тахографе относятся к 1911 year. Tachograph - a control device, intended for installation on vehicles in order to measure either continuous registration automatically these vehicles: distance traveled and speed, certain periods of work and rest of drivers and, if necessary, other additional information. But, after all, основная задача… Read More »


Какими игрушками можно малышу случайно «на ухо наступить»???!!! How do we choose toys for baby? Someone is focused on a specific company-producer, someone reaches for dolls and machines, which dreamed themselves in early childhood, someone is trying to create a developing environment for the child… but, should definitely remember, that toys should be safe and more. О том, какое многообразие музыкальных… Read More »