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How to choose clothes for the baby. In modern shops and markets it has an extensive range of clothing for children. And among this abundance parents need to find clothes for your child. Key Selection Criteria – security, comfort, expediency. The child - a personality, despite his young age. And parents should not only develop the child physically and mentally, but… Read More »


What labels do not tell confectionery ...? Department of confectionery products in the shop, pavilions, implementing sweets on the market - a favorite place of many buyers. We go there in search of something tasty, to please yourself or spoil the child, sweet gifts are one of the integral parts of children's holidays. Buying in stores favorite foods, we used to trust the manufacturer, and rare ... Read More »


On the results of the monitoring to the sale of the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard monitors economic entities, directed at the suppression and prevention of disorders in the area of ​​traceability legislation. So for 8 months 2018 year monitored 287 retail properties, engaged in retail trade and catering with the use of measuring instruments, for release of goods (weights, mass action (dumbbells),… Read More »