By | 25.06.2021

Can an emergency stop sign be dangerous?

Unfortunately, the current transport situation is as follows, that every driver can have an accident. Large flow of cars, poor quality of the road surface, lack of knowledge of road traffic rules by some car owners, as well as inattention and inexperience of drivers - all together increase the likelihood of, that a car enthusiast may find himself in an unpleasant situation. Also, at any time, your car may break down - even such a car enthusiast is not insured against this., who took his new car out of the car a couple of weeks ago. When, if there are any troubles on the road, need to notify other drivers that, that something happened on this site. For these purposes, there are emergency signs., which every conscientious car owner should have.

Currently on the territory of the Customs Union, the technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU are in effect 018/2011 «On the safety of wheeled vehicles ", в котором четко определены параметры безопасности знаков аварийной остановки: shape and dimensions of the warning triangle, shape and dimensions of the stop, величина коэффициента силы света светоотражающих устройств, устойчивость знака, стойкость к воздействию топлив. Все показатели установленные в регламенте, в той или иной степени влияют на безопасную обстановку на дороге. Так стоит ли доверять продукции выпускаемой в обращение на территории Республики Беларусь? Как показывает практика, в розничной торговле, все еще встречаются аварийные знаки, not meeting the requirements of TR CU 018/2011 safety. Так в ходе проверки Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта одного из торговых объектов г. WT PILOT emergency stop signs revealed in Grodno, article WT-10E, as well as emergency stop signs with an additional reflector type JM-002, JM brand, PILOT, made in China, not meeting the requirements of TR CU 018/2011 safety – the minimum operational surface of the fluorescent surface is 300 cm2 (at a rate of at least 315 cm2), величина коэффициента силы света совокупности светоотражающих оптических элементов составила 382 mkd / lk (at a rate of at least 8000 mkd / lk), also the sign is not stable enough and may overturn. Therefore, it is better not to skimp on the purchase of high-quality, good product, since the safety of not only you directly depends on these characteristics, but also other drivers, who will drive past your broken car or crash site.

Be careful on the track! Good luck on the road!