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Collects wishes on existing practices and proposals for the improvement of administrative sanctions

Order of the President of the Republic of Belarus 17 December 2019 g. Number 247rp to prepare comprehensive proposals on updating the Code of Administrative Offenses of an interdepartmental commission of experts led by Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Chupris Olga Ivanovna.

В состав названной комиссии вошли работники Верховного и Конституционного судов, General Prosecutor's Office, State Control Committee, ministries of justice, the Interior, Taxes and Levies, other departments, representatives Parliament, а также научного сообщества.

As part of the Commission carried out the study of how the views of public authorities and organizations, authorized to draw up reports and to consider cases on administrative offenses, or a regulator of the corresponding social relations, and citizens, and entities.

Collection requests on existing practices and proposals for the improvement of administrative sanctions, as well as illustrating their examples and situations in life, performed by the National Center of Legal Information.

The collected materials will be analyzed and used in the preparation of new legislation.

Предложения можно направлять до 24 January 2020 city:

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Направленные в НЦПИ в рамках деятельности комиссии предложения и другая информация не подлежат рассмотрению в порядке, by the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On the complaints of citizens and legal entities».