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open reception.

Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard took part in the already traditional "Open Reception for Business", since 24.11.22 by 25.11.22 in h.p. Velyka Berestovitsa, g. Volkovysk, g. Bridges, g. Stuchin. In the event, which was held as part of the Entrepreneurship Week, business representatives of the region, received comments and clarifications on issues of concern from specialists of committees and departments of the regional executive committee, leaders... Read More »

The manufacturer is not to blame - period. How a packer can let down a well-known brand.

Compliance Monitoring, applied to packaged goods, in trade facilities of the Grodno region, state metrological supervision is carried out on an ongoing basis. This time I want to talk about, which is not always the manufacturer of the product, packaged in consumer packaging, guilty of not supplying this product. Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the Gosstandart during an inspection in retail facilities in the city. Grodno and Grodno... Read More »

Dangerous Dessert!

The Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard during the control and supervisory activities repeatedly identified preservatives in products, not declared in its composition. So, during one of the inspections of a shopping facility in the Grodno region, it was established, what is in the confectionery – Jelly cup jelly made in China, includes a preservative found as a result of tests, not declared by the manufacturer in the marking: – benzoic acid E210… Read More »

But the cheese is not!

One of the most sought-after dairy products in modern stores is cheese.. There are many varieties of it, from soft, maturing within a couple of weeks, to solids, withstand monthly storage. This diversity allows each buyer to find an offer, according to his financial capabilities and taste preferences. В ходе проведения проверки Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта в одной из… Read More »


SCHEDULE OF MONITORING OF BUSINESS ENTITIES ON THE PREVENTIVE BASIS OF THE GRODNO REGIONAL INSPECTION OF THE STATE STANDARD FOR DECEMBER 2022 YEAR Order number Business entity Monitoring period 1 Branch “AP no 4 g. Volkovysk” JSC “Grodnooblavtotrans” g. Volkovysk, st. anti-aircraft gunners, d. 27 01 – 30.12.2022 2 Щучинское РУП ЖКХ г. Stuchin, st. Kirov, d. 25А 01… Read More »