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Information materials for the Unified Road Safety Day "Winter tuning for cars - the right tire tread" 27 November 2020 of the year the State Traffic Inspectorate conducts a Single Day of Road Safety under the motto: «Зимний тюнинг для машин – правильный протектор шин!», as well as a preventive action under the same name with 25 November to 04 December 2020 of the year. Основной целью… Read More »


"Cheap – does not mean safe and high quality. ”A significant expense item in the family budget is the cost of buying clothes, especially if the family has two or more children. Searching for products "by – for my pocket ”shops are in great demand, the so-called "low price category". Unfortunately, low price, usually, due to the use of substandard and unsafe materials and ... Read More »


"World No Smoking Day. Профилактика онкологических заболеваний» Ежегодно по инициативе Международного союза по борьбе с раком в третий четверг ноября проводится День некурения. Republican anti-tobacco information and educational campaign, initiated by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, dedicated to this day, this year takes place with 16 by 22 November 2020 g. The aim of the action is the prevention of diseases, причинно связанных с табакокурением, raising awareness ... Read More »


12 NOVEMBER 2020 g. - WORLD DAY OF QUALITY 9 – 15 NOVEMBER 2020 g. - EUROPEAN QUALITY WEEK Throughout 30 years on the second Thursday of November is World Quality Day, and since the mid-90s of the twentieth century, the European Quality Week has been held annually. AT 2020 g. World Quality Day is celebrated 12 November. European Quality Week is taking place ... Read More »


A holiday for everyone! World Quality Day (World Quality Day) - annual event, held in many countries of the world on the second Thursday of November. The initiator of the establishment of this day is the European Organization for Quality (IS OK) (European Organization for Quality, AND WHAT) supported by the United Nations (UN). The goal of World Quality Day is to achieve high quality products and services, as well as revitalization ... Read More »


Red ketchup from tomatoes or dyes? The Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the Gosstandart, during an inspection of one of the trading facilities of the Korelichi district, revealed dangerous products - tomato ketchup of the 2nd category "Shashlychny" marked "Nezhino", manufacturer LLC "Tikhvinsky uezd", Russia. Based on test results, carried out in the accredited testing laboratory of RUE "Scientific and Practical Center of Hygiene", that the product does not comply with ... Read More »


The requirements of the Law must be observed by the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of Gosstandart in order to monitor compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on ensuring the uniformity of measurements, control and supervisory activities are periodically carried out in accredited laboratories. The most common violations, detected in the course of control and surveillance activities in accredited laboratories are: use of measuring instruments, who have not passed the verification in the prescribed manner (with expired soon verification; not passed ... Read More »