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To help service station (A TABLE).   It is difficult now to imagine life without a car. AND, although the republic roads every day there are more new and modern vehicles of various manufacturers, quite a lot of common, to say the least, "Aged" vehicles. The situation with the maintenance and repair, especially those "oldies", It does not look rosy. Гродненской областной инспекцией… Read More »


К всемирному дню защиты прав потребителей Когда вы покупаете в магазине продукты, how often do you look at the label? Usually, most of us do not have time to read the information, small print, and we choose the products of famous brands, who saw in an advertisement or heard from acquaintances. manufacturers, providers, импортеры пользуются нашей нехваткой… Read More »


Food is an integral part of human life and health.. In the cold season I especially want to please myself with tasty and healthy goodies, helping to maintain the body in good shape and energize it. Increasingly, departments or individual counters with loose goods began to appear in large retail facilities.: nuts, various candied fruits, dried fruits and more. Certainly, such products ... Read More »


26 February 2018 years, the main provisions of Presidential Decree No. 7 "On the development of entrepreneurship" entered into force, which greatly simplified the management of business in our country. Defined by decree, that one of the principles, on which the interaction of state bodies with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs is based, the priority is the work of regulatory authorities on the prevention of violations, and not exclusively to attract ... Read More »