Monthly Archives: April 2018


Announced Republican creative contest for the best publication about the quality and business excellence 2018 of the year. It was organized by the Ministry of Information of Belarus, The National Television and Radio and the State Committee for Standardization of Belarus. Such a competition is announced for the first time and is intended to draw public attention to quality and business excellence as an essential component of sustainable development organizations and national economy, activate lighting ... Read More »


NOTE TO aPPLICANTS. noticed, that recently, in our knowledge of a lot of gaps, including occupations, that next to us, but that we do not understand. For example, the profession of Metrology - is an interesting, but for most people unfamiliar profession. Therefore, in anticipation of the opening of the company wants to introduce school-leavers with such unfamiliar to them profession, as a METROLOGIST. ... Read More »


On the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products. In recent decades, the consumption of perfumes and cosmetics in the world, as well as in our country has risen very. To date, a huge number of new products both domestic, and foreign production. Today, the range of cosmetic products is very large and diverse. Perfume and cosmetic products is a natural multicomponent formulations, chemical, biologically active and ... Read More »