By | 13.04.2020

Trust, but check

     The market today offers us a very large list of engine oils. Why do I need oil in a car engine, every car owner knows. Firstly, it's a lubricant, whose task is to create a protective film on the engine parts and reduce its wear, reducing friction coefficient.

Butter – the most important technical fluid of a car. Depends on him

uninterrupted functioning of most of the key elements of the machine.

Today, many auto parts stores sell engine oils for bottling.         

As for the difference in the cost of one liter of engine oil from a canister and from a two-liter barrel, then it is obtained due to the difference in the cost of packaging.

One side, definitely worth buying bottled motor oil, since it is cheaper, but on the other hand it can turn out like this, that you will purchase a smaller quantity of goods, than something, for which they paid. It can happen, if technical means are used to dispense motor oil to the consumer, not passed type approval or metrological certification, as provided by the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On ensuring the uniformity of measurements”.

During the monitoring of shopping facilities, dispensing motor oils for bottling, carried out by the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard, violations of the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on ensuring the uniformity of measurements are established: measuring instruments were used, not passed type approval or metrological certification, and as a result failed verification or calibration.

Pay attention, that when making settlements between buyers and seller when selling motor oils, certified measuring instruments should be used. The presence of verification is confirmed by the information holographic sticker, which is applied to the measuring instrument and thereby confirms the correctness of the measurements.