Протоколом заседания
                                                                                                                                 комиссии по
                                                                                                                                 противодействию коррупции
                                                                                                                                 Гродненской областной инспекции
                                                                                                                                 from 29.12.2020 №3

Plan of measures to combat corruption in the Grodno regional inspection of Gosstandart (further - Inspection) на 2021год


name of eventDeadlineИсполнители
1. HR activities
1. For each identified violations of anti-corruption legislation to consider the question of the responsibility of both parties, violated the law, and individuals, omission which facilitated the breach.  Constantly 2021 yearPlock JL. Cherepko NV. Комиссия по противодействию коррупции
2. In order to prevent situations, in which the personal interests of the worker, his wife (spouse), близких родственников или свойственников влияют либо могут повлиять на надлежащее исполнение этим работником своих трудовых обязанностей при принятии им решения или участии в принятии решения либо совершении других действий по работе, avoided spouses, relatives and in-laws on a post, work is connected with direct subordination or controllability of one of them to another (except in cases, when such a ban is set right legislation). The ability of each such appointment be considered at a meeting of anti-corruption commission with the adoption of a reasoned decision.2021 yearPlock JL. Cherepko NV. Anti-Corruption Commission
3. In the study of professional, business and moral qualities of the candidates, applying for positions of public officials and persons, equated to public officials, practice vindication of information departments of internal affairs with the written consent of the candidates to attract the attention of their administrative and criminal liability (items 119-121 Regulations on the functioning of the unified system of state registration and accounting offenses, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers 20 July 2006 g. N 909; hereinafter - Position N 909).2021 yearPlock JL. Cherepko NV.  
4. Make timely changes to the contracts and job descriptions of managers and employees of the Inspectorate with a view of the legislation on the fight against corruption and to strengthen work on appeals of citizens.2021 yearPlock JL. Cherepko NV.  
5. Carry out explanatory work on the inadmissibility of corruption among the workers Inspections, the use of his official position and related opportunities for personal gain.2021 yearAnti-Corruption Commission
6. Monitor compliance with the restrictions of Article 17 of the Law "On Combating Corruption" public officials and materially responsible persons.2021 yearPlock JL. Cherepko NV. Anti-Corruption Commission
7. When certification of civil servants and employees of the Inspectorate officio include questions on the fight against corruption, Work with citizens and the responsibility for violation of requirements of normative legal acts, regulate these issues.2021 yearАттестационная комиссия
8. In order, established by Article 21 Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Combating Corruption", public officials to report in writing to the head of the occurrence of or potential conflict of interest in connection with the performance of official (job duties).2021 yearStructural units Inspections
9. Monitor the provision of declarations of income and assets when taking on positions of civil servants, государственными служащими.to 1 Martha 2021 yearPlock JL. Cherepko NV.  
10. Ensure control over safety, targeted and effective use of state property and funds allocated from the budget.2021 yearSolovyov IG. Trahymyk NV.
11.Обеспечить неукоснительное соблюдение законодательства по осуществлению государственных закупок.2021 yearCherepko NV.
12. In connection with the change for the procurement legislation, direct employees, осуществляющих закупки на учебные семинары.2021 yearEreminovich YS.
13. Meetings Commission on Anti-Corruption.At least 1 fold in halfEreminovich YS.
14. Analysis corruption offenses committed based on the information, provided by law enforcement agencies, in order to further prevent possible offenses.Upon receiptAnti-Corruption Commission
 15.Консультирование работников Инспекции по выполнению антикоррупционного законодательства. Carrying out work to explain in legal team, aimed at strengthening discipline and order, except in cases of criminal offenses.2021 yearAnti-Corruption Commission
16. Провести семинар-учебу в коллективе на тему «О соблюдении законодательства по противодействию коррупции» с участием работников правоохранительных органов.Первый квартал 2021Ereminovich YS.