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ГРАФИК ПРОВЕДЕНИЯ МОНИТОРИНГОВ СУБЪЕКТОВ ХОЗЯЙСТВОВАНИЯ НА ПРЕДУПРЕДИТЕЛЬНОЙ ОСНОВЕ ГРОДНЕНСКОЙ ОБЛАСТНОЙ ИНСПЕКЦИИ ГОССТАНДАРТА НА ИЮЛЬ 2021 YEAR Order number Business entity Monitoring period 1 Laboratory of electrophysical measurements of the Unitary Enterprise "Tabak". Grodno, st. Lelevel, d.12 01 – 30.07.2021 2 Electrotechnical laboratory of the State Unitary Enterprise "UKS of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee". Grodno, st. Sokolskaya, 50 01 –… Read More »


Can an emergency stop sign be dangerous? Unfortunately, the current transport situation is as follows, that every driver can have an accident. Large flow of cars, poor quality of the road surface, lack of knowledge of road traffic rules by some car owners, as well as inattention and inexperience of drivers - all together increase the likelihood of, that a car enthusiast may find himself in an unpleasant situation. ... Read More »


About the results of the service station monitoring Nowadays it is difficult to imagine life without a car. But any vehicle requires timely maintenance and repair. When citizens go to a car service, they primarily want quality car repair assistance. But, Unfortunately, quite often they have to deal with the performance of poor-quality or untimely repair of vehicles. Control… Read More »