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Attention!!! – опасное «ОБЫКНОВЕННОЕ ЧУДО»!!! The title of this article was the name of the candy – "Ordinary Miracle". But first of another, interesting, – the culture of food in school canteens. Many students complain about the food in schools. They like and they are happy, "devours" the, that much sugar and too salty. It's a pity. Scientists have long been established, что проблемы со… Read More »


For information of business entities the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of Gosstandart informs, that, in accordance with paragraph 3 Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus 16 October 2009 , the number 510 "On the improvement of the control (oversight) Activities in the Republic of Belarus "control (oversight) activities are carried out with the use of preventive measures and preventive nature, ongoing regulatory (oversight) authorities in cooperation with stakeholders, подлежащими контролю… Read More »


Как выбрать? Updating your home is always a troublesome thing, будь то квартира или частный дом. Particular attention is paid to the choice people like interior doors, and input. It is no wonder they say, the door - the person at home or apartment. Today the market of building materials and products is presented in a very large range, in price, так и… Read More »


«Опасные слизи» Последнее время рынок игрушек заполонили всевозможные «лизуны», "Space snot", "Mucus". Children of different age groups with enthusiasm and passion for playing with these, the so-called, toys. but, I want to draw the attention of parents to, that they can not be confident in the safety of toys. In most cases, this category of toys sold without any markings, либо… Read More »


«Автошколы безопасности движения» В настоящее время многим людям трудно представить жизнь без наличия и использования для решения своих личных вопросов автомобилей. Private car – This saved time, freedom of movement, You can schedule activities without undue accounting of any other circumstances arising. Therefore, there is a certain amount of potential customers of automotive schools annually, enrolled in them driving on a fee basis. Автошколы… Read More »


О временном изменении режима рабочего времени В связи с переносами рабочих дней в мае месяце, in accordance with the order of the head of Hrodna regional inspection Gosstandard 04.05.2019 № 13, considering the application heads of divisions on the amendment of the working time, Grodno regional inspection Gosstandard changed working hours. 10, 11 May 2019 измененный режим рабочего… Read More »


Caution! dangerous goods!   Жизнь современного человека сейчас невозможно представить без электрической энергии. to develop, transmission and consumption of electricity produced electrical products. The retail chain currently has a wide range of electrical products for every taste. But do they all all safe to operate? Гродненской областной инспекцией Госстандарта продолжаются проверки на соответствие требованиям безопасности электротехнической продукции.… Read More »