Phantom conformity assessment.

By | 25.05.2022

The technical regulations of the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union have been introduced for a long time, and firmly entered our lives. It would seem that, there should be no questions when confirming the conformity of products and equipment to their requirements. but, as practice shows, any questions.

Often, economic entities of our country carry out the procedure for confirming compliance using the services of third-party intermediary organizations, who do everything quickly for a low fee. There are such organizations – intermediaries as in the Republic of Belarus, as well as beyond, which are not certification bodies and do not have their own laboratories. These organizations provide services to support the declaration procedure. At the same time, tests are carried out outside the Republic, And it doesn't always happen within the law..

In fact, everything looks perfect., a business entity quickly and cheaply receives a set of documents, including as declaration, and test reports. Not verifying the authenticity of the received documents, business entity produces and (or) sells products, unknowingly, that he made an unlawful declaration of conformity, for which administrative responsibility is provided under part 3 of article 24.7 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Belarus with a rather severe penalty – to 100 % from the cost of products put into circulation.

During the control (oversight) activities, conducted by the Inspectorate at business entities, numerous violations are established in the declarations thus obtained. These violations are related to, that tests are not carried out for all regulated indicators, are not carried out at all or are carried out in "phantom" laboratories, ie. in laboratories that are actually absent at the declared place of activity and have never been there, which is tantamount to not testing. Often the addresses of such laboratories are the residential sector.

Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard reminds, that the responsibility for accepted declarations of conformity lies with the applicant himself, not faces, which he resorted to. According to the requirements of the legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union, Law of the Republic of Belarus dated 24.10.2016 No. 437-З "On the assessment of conformity with technical requirements and accreditation of conformity assessment bodies", the applicant forms the evidence base for the declaration.

Over the past period 2022 established the wrongful acceptance of more than 30 declarations of conformity 7 entities.

In connection with the above, the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard recommends, when confirming compliance, contact the laboratory directly (or) certification body, or request additional documents from the intermediary organization, which would make sure that, that the testing laboratory, tester really exists, and also in, that the product samples were indeed delivered to the test site.