By | 28.11.2019

Taxis car

Currently, passenger transport services are provided to citizens taxis quite often. For calculations with the carrier (taxi driver), in cars should be installed taximeters. In the Republic of Belarus are used taximeters automotive electronic BelTAKS software versions 3,0, 3,1, and 1.1.1.

There are some features of the taximeter calibration. Their verification is in two phases.

First stage - definition of the metrological characteristics of the taximeter and the confirmation of the possibility of installation on the vehicle the taximeter.

Second phase - definition of a taximeter metrological characteristics, mounted on the car. The vehicle must be technically sound, and it must have a certificate of passing the state technical inspection.

The passport of the taximeter must contain information about the installation of the taximeter in the vehicle (automobile model, its state registration number), constant measurement of the taximeter and the tire size, installed on the vehicle at a constant measurement. Operation of the taximeter is forbidden without a passport.

It can also be carried out extraordinary verification. In some cases, it is carried out?

First stage – Renovated taximeter, violations stamp verification officer.

Second phase – after the installation of the taximeter in the car after an extraordinary initial verification, and reinstall the taximeter from one car to another, replacement tires, Car Repair transmissions, violations stamp verification officer.

Mark the passage of every taximeter first and second stages of verification necessarily reflected in the passport of the taximeter: in Annexes A and B of accounting controls, in step 14 information verification – claims. 14.1 information about the verification of the taximeter (1 stage) and nn. 14.2 information about the verification of the taximeter, mounted on the car (2 stage).

About this commitment, Unfortunately, Many owners of taxi cars to forget, or currently ignored.

Forgetfulness or disregard of the provisions of the law is a violation of the requirements of Article 13 and 25 Law of the Republic of Belarus "On uniformity of measurements" and constitutes an administrative violation, provided for in subsection 2 articles 23.13 Of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

And remember, that the verification of the taximeter - this is not a one-time event. Государственным реестром средств измерений Республики Беларусь определен межповерочный интервал – 12 months, which implies, that every 12 месяцев необходимо проходить данную процедуру.