By | 24.12.2020

Alcohol is not allowed on the road - a basic principle, to guide drivers and pedestrians

Research, carried out by experts in the field of road safety, show, that when the concentration of alcohol in the blood is equal to 1 ppm, which approximately corresponds to the use 150 g vodka, the likelihood of an accident in 5-10 times more, than in cases of complete absence of alcohol. At the same time, the probability of dying in an accident increases by more than 2,5 fold, and get injured - more than 2 fold.

Traffic regulations strictly and unequivocally prohibit all drivers from driving a vehicle, когда они находятся в состоянии алкогольного опьянения, either able, drug-induced, psychotropic, toxic and other intoxicating substances.

In case of violation of this requirement, the perpetrators are liable. Part 1 of Art. 18.16. Of the Code of Administrative Offenses states: person driving, in a state of alcoholic intoxication or in a state, drug-induced, psychotropic substances, their analogues, toxic or other intoxicating substances, or the transfer of control of the vehicle to such a person, as well as refusal to pass the check in the prescribed manner (survey) to determine the state of alcoholic intoxication or state, drug-induced, psychotropic substances, their analogues, toxic or other intoxicating substances, – влечет наложение штрафа в размере от 50 to 100 БВ с лишением права управления транспортным средством сроком на три года.

For persons, continue to ignore the law, responsibility comes, provided for in article 317 Of the Criminal Code - driving a vehicle by a person, intoxicated, transfer of control of a vehicle to such a person or refusal to undergo an inspection (survey), repeated within a year after the imposition of an administrative penalty for the same violations and regardless of the ownership of the vehicle, run by the person, offender, subject to special confiscation.

В преддверии новогодних праздников Госавтоинспекция призывает всех участников дорожного движения к благоразумию и обращается к гражданам, if you see, that a drunk driver sits behind the wheel or a drunk pedestrian moves along the road, - immediately inform about it by phone "102" or to the nearest traffic police department.