By | 17.01.2022

Non-breathable JEANS

Products, which does not meet the requirements of the technical regulation of the Customs Union "On the safety of light industry products" (TR TS 017/2011) again identified in the Grodno region.

During the inspection of a shopping facility in the city of Lida by the Grodno Regional Inspectorate of the State Standard, according to test results, carried out in an accredited testing laboratory, hazardous products identified - men's trousers (denim) Turkish production of trademarks "STRAVT", «BONARDI», «RICHBERG».

The safety index "air permeability" at the norm is not less than 50 dm3/m2with made up from 13 to 19 dm3/m2with.

The audit dangerous products banned for import and circulation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, validity of declarations of conformity, accompanying this product is discontinued. An order was sent to the importer to withdraw products from circulation.

In addition, we inform – a register of hazardous products is maintained on the Gosstandart website, which already contains a large number of products, does not meet the established safety requirements and is prohibited for import and circulation in the Republic of Belarus.

With up-to-date information about hazardous products and terminated documents on confirmation of conformity on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, can be found on the official website of Gosstandart and in the Telegram messenger, where the official channel of the State Standard "Security and Quality" operates (@gosstandartby).