By | 14.05.2020

That's the sign!!!

Warning triangle sign - figurative sign, representing a retroreflective red triangle, made of fiberglass or other materials, independently installed in the event of an emergency stop of the machine by its driver in accordance with the requirements of the rules of the road in order to timely warn other road users about the danger, created by standing

in the wrong place on the roadway object. It can also be used in other cases., stipulated by traffic rules.

In accordance with the SDA paragraphs, the warning triangle is installed at a distance, providing in a specific situation timely warning of other drivers about the danger, however, this distance must be at least 15 meters from the vehicle in settlements and 40 meters - outside settlements. And also in the absence or malfunction of hazard warning lights on a towed vehicle, an emergency stop sign should be fixed on the left side of the vehicle.

Grodno Oblast Inspectorate of the State Standard for Supervision Activities, found violations of safety requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 018/2011 “On the safety of wheeled vehicles”.

In one of the retail chains. Lida in the implementation were warning signs, which do not preserve the prescribed characteristics and do not provide proper signaling in normal use when installed on the road and transported in a vehicle – low ground clearance, low mechanical strength. As well as the length of the sides of the signs of less than normalized values (at a rate of 500 ± 50 mm, actual value up 430 mm).

Also remind, that emergency stop signs in accordance with the technical regulations are subject to mandatory confirmation of compliance.

A trade object has been ordered to prohibit the sale of these signs.