By | 02.07.2020

Once again about packaged goods

All motorists and not only, know, that ensuring reliable and stable engine operation is achieved using high-quality fuels and lubricants. Engine oil reduces friction of moving machinery and eliminates wear products. This fluid fluid protects all engine parts from premature failure.. And it’s very important for a modern motorist to choose exactly that oil, which will be optimal for the working mechanism of a particular car.

Today the engine oil market is full, Buyers are offered oils for every taste and budget.. Can I buy oil, packaged in production, can be purchased on bottling (while the consumer should not forget, что отпуск моторных масел на розлив должен осуществляться с применением поверенной или калиброванной мерной посуды).

But there are companies, oil packing, received from large manufacturing enterprises. For such companies, the Grodno Oblast Inspectorate of Gosstandart recalls, that in the Republic of Belarus there is an STB 8019-2002 “System for ensuring the uniformity of measurements of the Republic of Belarus. Packaged goods. General requirements for the quantity of goods ", establishing requirements for the quantity of goods, contained in packaging units, to their marking, to a batch of packaged goods.

Also as a state standard with 01.12.2020 GOST is introduced 8.579-2019 "State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Requirements for the number of packaged goods in their production, packing, sale and import ».

One of the important fundamentals when packing – it is the correct choice of measuring instrument for packaging, because. measurements of the value of the contents of the packaging unit should be performed with an error, not exceeding 1/5 the limit of permissible negative deviations of the contents of the packaging unit from the nominal amount.

Grodno regional inspection of Gosstandart in June 2 monitoring of business entities, packing motor oils and antifreezes. Identified violations of labeling of sold packaged products, and it was also incorrectly selected weighing equipment for its packing. The enterprises were given recommendations on elimination of the revealed violations..

The main thing to remember, what you need to be honest with the buyer, and providing a large selection of high-quality products sold is the key to success.